System Cleaning

Magnetite is the number one contributor to heating breakdowns. Every day corrosion occurs within a heating system. If left untreated, this builds up magnetite causing cold spots on radiators, making heating inefficient and putting unnecessary strain on the boiler. We at Heat Smart are the sole owners of Adey products e.g. Magnaclean. What you need to know is that Our filters, chemicals and advice will reduce energy bills, lower maintenance costs and protect boilers for longer.

Our equipment like Magnaclean Combines RapidFlush filter and VibraClean agitator, MagnaCleanse® system flushing removes system debris. The precision agitator removes more sludge in 20 seconds than can be extracted in 30 minutes without it. It even shifts hardened debris, reducing the need to remove radiators to completely clean the system. So in short our system is not only efficient and time-saving it can also save you a lot of money. For further details watch the video:

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