Boiler Maintenance

Regular Service of Boiler is very important. This prolongs its life and ensures that it runs efficiently. A poorly looked after boiler could cost you more in long term in repairs and energy bills. It could also start leaking Carbon Monoxide in the property. If you didn’t already know, the carbon monoxide gas is colorless and scentless and wouldn’t know until it’s too late. So, servicing your boiler is always a good idea. However, using any service for the maintenance is not a good idea, Heat Smart has the equipment like flue gas analyser that ensures the safety of you and the environment around you. We also provide Carbon monoxide alarms so that you could be warned of a potential leakage.

Our Services also include boiler Installation. We take your budget and provide the most suitable boiler that will not cost you in repairs. You know what they say “the cheaper buyer gets the bad meet” or in this case the bad boiler.

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